Wear To The Gym Or Errands - Wicking Breathable Fabrics With Stretch For Movement

For individuals leading an active lifestyle, it is important that their clothing keeps up and supports their lifestyle rather than holding them back. In this regard, performance fabric has emerged as a great option, and at Southern Shirt, we feature a myriad of options in our signature hybrid performance fabric.

Whether you are planning to hit the gym for a rigorous workout, run errands around town, or simply want to feel comfortable while maintaining a stylish look, our hybrid performance wear is what you are looking for.

So here is a rundown on a few performance looks for women and everyday hybrid wear for men. From hybrid shorts to skorts, cropped hoodies, and joggers, these garments are made from our superior performance fabric that effortlessly adapts to your active lifestyle. But first, let's look at a few benefits of our hybrid performance fabric.


The use of hybrid performance fabric in activewear and everyday wear offers a myriad of benefits for both men and women.

Moisture-wicking- This fabric is designed on technology that draws moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable during intense workouts or on hot days while running errands.

Breathability- The fabric allows easy air circulation, preventing you from feeling stuffy and overheated. This is vital for keeping cool during physical activities and feeling fresh during errands.

Stretch for movement- The fabric has a stretch to it that allows for a full range of motion, making it perfect for activities that require flexibility, such as yoga or weight lifting. It also ensures comfort during everyday tasks.

Versatility- Hybrid performance fabric easily blends function and fashion, making it suitable for both the gym and everyday wear.

Need more convincing, or are you sold on the idea already? Here are some great clothing options in Southern Shirt's versatile and highly popular hybrid performance fabric.


If you are a modern woman with an active lifestyle, you probably prefer clothing that can keep up with your dynamic lifestyle. Hybrid performance wear is a great option as activewear for women, providing the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. At Southern Shirt, we feature a wide range of options in our signature hybrid performance fabric.

Hybrid Shorts- perfect for running errands and workout sessions

Our hybrid performance shorts are designed to enable you to perform any kind of activity. Made from performance fabric, these shorts offer wicking technology to keep you dry during workouts and breathability to ensure you stay comfortable during errands. The stretch in these shorts allows for unrestricted movement. Whether you are out cycling, practicing yoga, or simply going for a run, these shorts are the ideal wear. Pair them with a tank top, and you are ready for a sweat session. For errands, simply switch to a casual top or a stylish blouse for a more put-together look.

Get the best of both worlds with stylish skorts

Want the functionality of shorts but with the feminine flair of a skirt? We have the perfect option for you. Our hybrid performance skorts are ideal for active women who want the freedom to move but do not want to compromise on the style factor. The performance fabric in skorts ensures moisture-wicking and breathability. Whether you like to play tennis or golf or just want to take a brisk walk, skorts can offer comfort and style. Pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers, and you will be comfortable and stylish while doing your activities.

Fashion and functionality with cropped hoodies

Fond of cropped hoodies? We have just the option for you! Cropped hoodies have, in fact, become a staple in the wardrobe of the active woman. These are perfect for the gym and errands on cooler days. Our cropped hoodies offer breathability and wicking, which is important during intense workouts. Their stretchy nature provides flexibility for yoga or weight lifting. Pair them with high-waisted leggings for a trendy look. For errands, you can wear it over a tank top and complete your look with comfortable sneakers.

Comfortable joggers

For days when you want to go out for a jog or an errand or want to stay indoors in some casual and comfortable clothing, our hybrid performance joggers are the ideal option. Performance joggers will keep you dry and comfy during your workout and also make you look effortlessly stylish. The stretch enables unobstructed movement, whether you are going for a run or practicing your favorite yoga poses. Pair them with a sports bra for the gym and a graphic t-shirt for errands, and you are good to go.

Everyday Hybrid Wear for Men- Versatile Clothing Choices for the Modern Man

Want clothing options that help you shift conveniently from gym or jogging to everyday activities? Consider hybrid performance wear for the win!

Versatile men's hybrid shorts - sporty and versatile

Made from our viral advanced performance fabric, our hybrid shorts are ideal for workouts, thanks to their breathability and ability to draw moisture away from the body. They are equally suitable for running errands around town. Pair them with a performance t-shirt for the gym, and switch to a casual polo shirt for everyday wear. We also feature men's hybrid shorts with loops so that you can wear a belt for a more tailored look.

Their understated design and clean lines of our men’s hybrid shorts make them an excellent choice for today’s modern man who wants both functionality and fashion.


Your clothing should work as hard as you do! Our hybrid performance wear is the solution to staying comfortable, stylish, and active throughout the day. Whether you are heading to the gym for an intense workout or running errands around town, clothing made from hybrid performance fabric offers the ultimate moisture-wicking, breathability, and stretch.

It is time to upgrade your wardrobe with clothing that is as active and dynamic as you are! Stay comfortable, look great, and make the most of your active lifestyle with Southern Shirt’s hybrid performance wear.

March 19, 2024 — Kelley Shaw